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DIY Father’s Day Cards

Glitter Girl Art

Ever since I was really young I always made cards for my family and friends, I’ve made birthday cards, Mother’s day cards, and Valentine’s Day cards.

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5 New Hobbies To Try Out This Summer

So you may have watched the video I posted a couple weeks ago about things to do when you’re bored. *If not you should totally check it out** cough * cough. As I said in that video if you’re just really bored a lot and you probably just don’t have enough things to keep you occupied. Continue reading “5 New Hobbies To Try Out This Summer”

Photography Tips While Using Your Phone

Last week I gave you some ideas for how to get inspiration to take your own photos. This week I’m going to give you some tips! It is super important to know how to take decent photos for your blog or business. These tips can be used for Instagram photos, product photography, and photos for your blog. Most of my tips will be for people using their phones Continue reading “Photography Tips While Using Your Phone”

How To Get Inspiration To Take Photos

People always tell me how much they love my pictures on Instagram! Especially my nature shots. Maybe I just have that kind of eye. Whatever it is, I am still going to share my knowledge. Before I really get started I just want to tell you this, I’m not outside very often. No, you don’t have to be an outdoors person to take nature shots. Ps, I don’t hate the outdoors! I am actually writing this blog post outside. Below I have three tips, Continue reading “How To Get Inspiration To Take Photos”